Abel is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a photographer and also an artist. He moved to Jakarta since 2001 when he became a student of Bina Nusantara University. Shortly after finishing his thesis, he worked as a software programmer at a software house in Central Jakarta.

Drawing has been a passion to Abel since his childhood. At his last year in highschool, he started to work for commissioned pencil portraits from his friends and teachers. The love of visual arts had made him interested in another media for art, that is photography.

One of his favorite things to do during spare time is learning something new… And then one day, Abel met a new hobby… A puzzle game, called Rubik’s Cube. Right after finding the key to solve it, he began to realize that the goal of playing Rubik’s Cube (and most of all things in the world) is to be able to beat yourself rather than beat others… and to achieve higher level of skill. Now, Abel can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 15 seconds of average time.

Well, everybody has…whatever you call it hobby, pleasure, addiction… etc… Sometimes those little things are keeping us fresh in our daily life.

“learning to do something really well is important for anybody,
and it’s not too important what it is.
If you have mastered one thing, it is a bit easier to master others.
And doing something you’re really good at is uplifting, relaxing and fun.”
~ Lars Petrus, Rubik’s Cube Champion of Sweden ~

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