How To Fix Hot Pixel on A Sony Alpha Camera

This happened to me about 3 months ago. After I was shooting with my Sony A7R in the deep mist of Borobudur Temple, in the midnight hour… back to the hotel, I notice something strange in my viewfinder when I switch to Manual Focus. There was a yellow tiny dot sticking there and it won’t go even after I restarted the camera several times. At first, I thought maybe the sensor was hot or maybe the fog somehow was causing it. Hoping that it was temporary, I switch the camera off and then lay down sleeping.

Next morning, I turn on the camera and the tiny bity little dot was still there! OMG, I must have gotten a “DEAD PIXEL”! I felt so disappointed. Yep, it won’t show up clearly in the result but I will see the ANNOYING pixel EVERYTIME when in MF (I shoot a lot in manual focusing).

After googling for solutions, I finally found one in a Flickr discussion. That the seemingly “dead” pixel might not actually dead. It is called “hot-pixel” or “stuck-pixel” problem.

I learned that…the camera sensor “repopulate” the pixels every 30 days. So the solution is to change the date setting back until at least 30 days (1 month). I did it and turn off the camera, turn it on, and let the recalibrating process run a few minutes. Voila!! The HOT PIXEL finally GONE! I was so happy and the hot pixel problem never show up anymore 🙂

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